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I'm Kari Sikorski, a family photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have had a camera in my hands since I was about 7 years old. I grew up taking photographs of everything, and have a ridiculous amount of photo albums from my childhood which I cherish today. My dad first taught me how to shoot manually on his old 35mm that he carried in the Navy.

I am a mom to three adorable, loud, rambunctious boys, and photographing them gave me a new appreciation for what a photograph can mean to someone.

I started Kari Sikorski Photography in 2009, and love to capture those smiles, milestones, relationships and special moments for my clients.

November 4, 2009
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Kari Sikorski Photography is featured in Style Me Pretty !!!

Style Me Pretty is the ultimate wedding blog, full of wedding inspiration, creativity and ideas for brides.  “OBSESSIONS for BRIDES” is their tag line, and you will understand why when you look through post after post of incredibly beautiful and imaginative ideas!

“I work with a TON of great photographers. Some have been around a while so their skills and perspectives are really honed, really unique. Others are new and are constantly experimenting with different style and ideas. But I don’t think that I’ve had the chance to see the same wedding or space photographed by so many different artists. It’s amazing to me that each photographer behind Jessica Claire’s Photography Workshop, approached the same details, the same touches…so beautifully different.”
~ Abby Larson, Style Me Pretty

I am SO excited to have some of my photos from the Jessica Claire workshop featured showing off the amazing wedding details created and set up for our shoot that day!  To see all of my photos from the workshop, click HERE.

A Huge thank you Summer Watkins of Grey Likes Weddings and floral designer Lauryl Lane for submitting my pictures!